Onyx Cave

93 Huckleberry Knob Road

Cave City, Kentucky 42127

(Right off I-65, Exit 53)

(270) 773-2323

South-central Kentucky is home to hundreds of caves. Each cave is unique in size, structure, and appearance. Caves can be either 'wet,' which are actively forming, or 'dry,' where water is no longer entering the cave.

Onyx Cave is a wet cave that offers its viewers beautiful cave coral, a wall of cave bacon, and a 40 foot column. Onyx Cave was discovered in 1971 as a parking lot was being constructed for Guntown Mountain Amusement Park; the cave was opened in May of 1973.

The cave is a comfortable 60 degrees year round. Tours are 30 minutes long and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the unique formations in the cave.

Also, during your visit, browse Onyx Cave Rock Shop. You'll find a variety of rocks, minerals, fossils, and books.


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